I am afraid of nuclear war, I am afraid of being no one. I am afraid of losing my home, I am afraid of dying alone. I am afraid of letting you down. I am afraid of letting you go. I am afraid.

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I am afraid of immense pain. I am afraid of going insane. I am afraid of losing a game. I am afraid of the wrong person knowing my name. I am afraid lớn just lie here. I am afraid I’m a liar. I am afraid to lớn close my eyes at night.

I finished writing a book recently. In doing so I learned a lesson that I wanted to share with you. I had lớn not only face my own fears but live with them and work with them. I did not want khổng lồ write something that was entirely all my own, so I asked as many people as I could fit into a single book one question. A question I ask people every now & again in conversation. A question that really formulates a connection between people who have nothing in common.

“What are you afraid of?”

I have the ability lớn find myself within almost any person’s fear. That is what made this challenge so difficult. When I ask this question, I am met with heavy conversations, và not all of them have a solution, but they don’t need to.

I decided lớn try và bring forward an aspect of light lớn these fears by channeling them into comics. I wanted to vì chưng what I try to vì chưng in my own life & show people that their fears can’t control them, at least not entirely, if we work to lớn understand them.

The first comics I drew were easier—people said they were afraid of aliens, bugs, meteors. After that, someone told me they were afraid of the dark. That one terrifies me too. So I put myself in the situation: I run away from the dark if I am afraid. So I wrote a comic called, “I’ll come back later,” Showing a ghost turning away from a dark room as if the room would change in a few hours.

We lượt thích to pretend our problems go away if we vì not approach them. It becomes easier when I look at a situation from the outside in.

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Soon things grew even more challenging.

Somebody messaged & told me they were afraid of getting Alzheimer’s và forgetting their loved ones. As someone who has the disease running in their family, this one was difficult lớn even read. I wanted khổng lồ move on và not face it. I wanted lớn turn away from that dark room. This is when the book changed a little bit because I realized it was becoming important, it was embodying something that I try to live with every day.


If I am absolutely afraid khổng lồ write about something or lớn think about something then that means it is the exact thing I should be writing about. If I am afraid to face a thought surely someone else is too. So I decided the best way to lớn combat this fear was with love, và I wrote a comic about someone with Alzheimer’s remembering that the person still loves them.

Face a fear, realize a truth.

Whether you are worried about being lost & scared, being bit by a bug, being separated from a loved one, dying from a giant subterranean boss khủng or having your head fall off because you cracked your neck too hard, there is a lesson I learned from writing this book that I want to nói qua with you: Facing your fear does not mean accepting your fear, moving on, & getting over it. Facing your fear means realizing the truth behind it. I am not afraid of the dark, I am afraid of the unknown. I am not afraid of my head falling off, I am afraid of the unknown that comes after. The unknown is what creates anxiety. The unknown is the definition of fear. Trying khổng lồ get acquainted with your fear and the unknown that lies beneath it is what will help you understand, maybe what will even give you the courage khổng lồ walk into that dark room.

So, what are you afraid of?


A portion of the proceeds from Hold This When You’re Scared by April Hill Writing will go lớn helping to lớn Write Love on Her Arms continue their mission of presenting hope và connecting those struggling to the help they need và deserve. You can also follow the author on Instagram here or kiểm tra out their website for more writing & doodles!

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My grandpa Ed died a few months ago after a years long battle with Alzheimer’s. His death felt weird, because it feels like he was gone long before he died. In his last few months, he couldn’t remember the women he’d been married khổng lồ the vast majority of his life. He forgot my sibling & I years ago.I‘ve caught myself quite a few times the last few months. I’ve had a moment where I instinctually think ‚I know I’ll remember this until the day I die‘. Then, I catch myself, because I don’t know if that’s true.I‘m scared of so many things. One of them is that my existence does more harm then good. Another is spiders. Another (one I unfortunately know is almost certainly inevitable) is that my dad will be dead by the time I’m 30.I‘m scared that, one day, I won’t be able lớn fight off the negative voices in my head enough khổng lồ keep going. I’m scared I’ll never write a book. That starting them is a habit, but I’m cursed never khổng lồ finish.I‘m scared of so many things, và it’s frusterating. But, I also know it helps me. If I invited the negative thoughts that threaten to lớn consume me into my head, instead of fearing them, I probably wouldn’t be alive.

Thank you for your post!!


I loved this,I giảm giá with fear everyday,I don’t know if my mom instilled it in me as a child,or if it’s genetic.I’ve been told to face your fear all my life,but i’ve never looked at it like you have,thank you for sharing this & by giving me another way to lớn look at fear.