Park hae jin và kim go eun


Get to Know More With Park Hae-jin’s Girlfriend in Drama, Oh Yeon-seo và Kim Go-eun

If you are a Korean drama lover, you must be familiar with the drama Cheese in the Trap, right? Cheese in the Trap is a drama that was aired on tvN và adapted from a webtoon of the same title. This drama tells the story of a woman named Hong Seol, a student and part-time worker, and a man named Yoo Jung who is handsome, smart, & rich.

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Although netizens consider that the drama didn’t receive the same attention from the public as other series that aired on tvN, it was still made into a feature film. In the drama, Hong Seol was played by Kim Go-eun, but Hong Seol’s was played by Oh Yeon-seo in the film version. Park Hae-jin plays Yoo Jung in both he drama và film.

In this article, will tell you all about the chemistry between Park Hae-jin & Kim Go-eun, as well as his chemistry Oh Yeon-seo. Which couple will you think has better chemistry in Cheese in the Trap? check this out!

Park Hae-jin và Kim Go-eun


Park Hae-jin and Kim Go-eun played the lead roles in the Cheese in the Trap in the drama aired by tvN. Reporting from Soompi, Park Hae-jin said that working with Kim Go-eun was quite satisfying. He starts off by explaining that he thinks, “synchronization isn’t just having similar visuals to the character, but rather something that the acting creates. Truthfully, the viewers didn’t see Kim Go-eun’s acting as Hong Seol until the drama started airing.” He remarks that he discovered the college student Hong Seol in Kim Go-eun when he met her officially for the first time, last September on the drama set.

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Park Hae-jin refers to Kim Go-eun not by her actual name, but her character’s name, Seol. On the film set, he says that he always called her “Seol-ah” & never really called her Go Eun. He insists that “Seol” was just lượt thích the character, Seol. Whenever he watched her act, it didn’t feel like she was acting or creating a new persona. He emphasized that “Kim Go-eun is Hong Seol, herself.” Portraying his thoughts clearly, just lượt thích Yoo Jung sunbae, Park Hae-jin seems to be the personification of his character, as well.

On-Screen Moments


The chemistry between Park Hae-jin và Kim Go-eun is, indeed, no joke. They did their best to lớn get public praise for their acting. In fact, director Lee Yoon-jung complimented the make-believe couple, saying, “The two’s chemistry is really good, I hope they date in real life or get married once the drama is over.”

One of the most thrilling scenes in every drama is the kissing scene. That includes the kissing scene that was carried out by Kim Go-eun và Park Hae-jin, made the audience’s hearts pound. Kim Go-eun said, “I feel the second kiss with Yoo Jung has a very romantic và warm vibe.”

Reporting from Allkpop, Park Hae-jin explained that it didn’t always feel so natural between him và Kim Go-eun. He said, “When we began filming, we had issues with the weather, so the principle of filming didn’t start with the first episode. We filmed the episodes in reverse order. Since we were shooting parts early on that were supposed to happen later on in the story, the director said due to everyone not really knowing one another, we gave off an awkward, yet youthful vibe.But as we progressed with the filming, Kim Go-eun and I must give off the feeling that we just met, but because we became more comfortable with each other, she said we seemed more like old lovers.”

Off-Screen Moments


Behind the scenes, Kim Go-eun và Park Hae-jin were on good terms và took care of each other. They sometimes laughed when they were doing a scene that they thought was very funny. One of the scenes that is quite adorable is the scene where Park Hae-jin hugs Kim Go-eun from behind, và it made the viewers furious when they saw behind-the-scenes footage of that scene, & the scene that showed Kim Go-eun và Park Hae-jin’s selca, because Kim Go-eun’s expression looked sad.

Press Conference


If you look at the press conference photo with Park Hae-jin and Kim Go-eun, they both look adorable & lover-like. Park Hae-jin, who is taller than Kim Go-eun, makes her look really cute và petite.

Well, what bởi you think? Are they suitable for the roles of Hong Seol và Yoo Jung in Cheese in the Trap?