Gta Vice City Cheats And Codes

The best cheats for Grand Theft tự động hóa Vice City, including how to get all weapons, how to lớn spawn vehicles, và how lớn become invincible


Looking for the best GTA Vice đô thị cheat codes? First released in 2002, this open-world trò chơi brings the series’ special brand of mayhem lớn the 80s inspired Vice City. Of course, the streets are already fairly chaotic, but you can always enter some cheat codes if you want to showroom even more destruction.

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These GTA trilogy cheat codes are unchanged from the game’s original release đôi mươi years ago. So far, we haven’t yet been able khổng lồ confirm they all still work, as in an interview with USA Today, producer Rich Rosado disclosed that a few cheat codes haven’t made it in due khổng lồ technical limitations. A lot has changed in the world since GTA Vice city was released. Some of the cheat codes are a bit distasteful, more so with Vice city than any of the other games in the collection.

With that in mind, here are the best GTA Vice city cheats – including codes that give you new weapon sets, spawn vehicles from nowhere, change your character’s skin, và much more. There are plenty of cheats available in every GTA game – here are the best GTA 3 cheat codes and GTA San Andreas cheat codes.

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How khổng lồ activate GTA Vice đô thị cheats on PC

To activate cheats in GTA Vice City, type the cheat code exactly as shown below with your keyboard while the trò chơi is unpaused.

GTA Vice city cheat codes

Here are the best GTA Vice đô thị cheat codes:

Health và armor cheats


Weapons cheats

Weapon mix 1 – THUGSTOOLSWeapon phối 2 – PROFESSIONALTOOLSWeapon phối 3 – NUTTERTOOLS

Wanted cấp độ cheats

Increase Wanted màn chơi two stages – YOUWONTTAKEMEALIVELower Wanted màn chơi to zero – LEAVEMEALONE

Time cheats

Speed up gameplay – ONSPEEDSlow down gameplay – BOOOOOORINGQuick clock – LIFEISPASSINGMEBY

Spawning vehicle cheats

Spawn tank – PANZERSpawn Bloodring Banger – TRAVELINSTYLESpawn alternative text Bloodring Banger – GETTHEREQUICKLYSpawn Sabre Turbo – GETTHEREFASTSpawn Hotring Racer – GETTHEREVERYFASTINDEEDSpawn alternative text Hotring Racer – GETTHEREAMAZINGLYFASTSpawn Hearse – THELASTRIDESpawn limo – ROCKANDROLLCARSpawn Trashmaster – RUBBISHCARSpawn Caddie – BETTERTHANWALKINGSpawn Hunter – AMERICAHELICOPTERSpawn aeroplane – FLYINGWAYS

Other vehicle cheats

Flying boats – AIRSHIPNearby vehicles explode – BIGBANGRoad rage – MIAMITRAFFICBlack cars – IWANTITPAINTEDBLACKFlying vehicles – COMEFLYWITHMEHandling buff – GRIPISEVERYTHINGAll traffic lights are green – GREENLIGHTAmphibious cars – SEAWAYSInvisible cars – WHEELSAREALLINEEDBig wheels – LOADSOFLITTLETHINGS

Skin cheats


Pedestrians cheats


Weather cheats

Sunny weather – ALOVELYDAYCloudy weather – APLEASANTDAYVery cloudy weather – ABITDRIEGFoggy weather – CANTSEEATHINGRainy weather – CATSANDDOGS

Other cheats

Smoke a cigarette – CERTAINDEATHBuy all properties – FULLCITYPEOPLEMINESMass xe đạp spawn – FREEWAYFORANGELJOY

Those are the best GTA Vice city cheats. If you want to experiment with cheats in a more modern GTA game, we’ve got best GTA 5 cheats. Of course, these cheats won’t work in GTA Online – you’ll need khổng lồ get rich the old fashioned way but khổng lồ help you out, we’ve put together tips on how to lớn make money in GTA Online. If you’ve got your eye on a shiny new ride but don’t have much cash, we also have details on the latest GTA Online podium car.

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Published: Nov 12, 2021

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