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"Sweet Home" actor Lee vì Hyun recently talked about being on season two, as season one ended in an epic cliffhanger that left viewers immensely curious.

"Sweet Home" is a Netflix original series that depicts the bizarre and shocking story that occurs khổng lồ a reclusive, loner high school student Cha Hyun Soo (played by actor Song Kang), after moving to lớn an apartment building that is undergoing redevelopment.Lee vị Hyun played the role of Lee Eun Hyuk, the brain và leader of the surviving group living in Green trang chủ apartments.

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His character used to lớn be a medical student showing off his charisma in the moments of desperation through his quick judgment. There have been much-divided opinions over his character as many loved and hated him for using phụ thân Hyun Soo as a means of survival. However, many viewers were left hanging when the last episode of season one hinted at Lee Eun Hyuk"s death.The young actor held a đoạn phim interview with XSports News and stated,"I"ve received many questions about the ending of season one. I also thought a lot about what is going to lớn happen to lớn Eunhyuk since we don"t know if his bleeding at the end is nose bleed or not. Also, he could have died when the building fell on him."


"If I were khổng lồ appear in season two, I wonder if Lee Eun Hyuk will take off his glasses after his eyesight gets better from becoming a monster. I think it would be good khổng lồ also appear as a boss khủng that saves people alongside Pyeong sang trọng Wook. But I"m not sure if I"ll appear in season two or not, so I"m afraid I will be disappointed when I don"t. I think the decision on my appearance in season two depends on the director, but I definitely want to lớn participate if I am cast for season 2."

Unlike the existing zombie boss movies where zombies become monsters when a person is bitten, the monsterization process in "Sweet Home" is random. Also, the shape or characteristics of the quái thú depends on the person"s inner desires. So, Lee do Hyun said he might be a guardian angel figure if he were to turn into a monster.

He explained, "I think Eunhyuk is a person who only cares for his younger sister Eun Yoo. When Eunhyuk makes an announcement asking all survivors to come lớn the first floor, he was actually directing the message to his sister.

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Eunhyuk is a character that can lay down everything for his younger sister. So I think Eunhyuk would become Eun Yoo"s guardian angel like Young Soo"s father who became the slime monster."


Unlike the webtoon, Eun Hyuk and Eun Yoo are adoptive siblings. Lee vị Hyun said, "Even though they are not real blood siblings, I still felt a fondness và brotherly love towards Eun Yoo. I would say I wanted khổng lồ protect her more. I think I was convinced how much he cared for his sister when she said he gave up medical school and worked part-time jobs to lớn make sure his sister was able to continue her ballet. Eun Hyuk definitely thought of Eun Yoo as his family, even if they are not blood-related. I did hear some say we didn"t seem lượt thích siblings, but I tried my best khổng lồ act lượt thích her older brother."


Actor Lee vày Hyun debuted in 2017 through the tvN drama "Prison Playbook" và has emerged as the hottest actor in his twenties in the entertainment industry. He stood out in various works such as "Hotel Del Luna" and "18 Again", followed by "Sweet Home."

Lee vày Hyun concluded the interview by saying, "I thank everyone who showed much interest in me and supported me. I always have the heart lớn become a better actor for my fans who show their love for me. I want khổng lồ be an actor who can show various sides to my acting through different works. The character of Eun Hyuk was different from the other characters I"ve acted so far. I think the best compliment I can hear is "You"re good at acting this kind of character as well." I want lớn try a noir và also be in a movie if the opportunity comes."