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Jung Eunji (Apink’s Eunji) Profile, Facts, & TMI


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Jung Eunji (Apink"s Eunji) Profile

Birth Name: 정은지 (Jung Eunji)Stage Name: EunjiNationality: KoreanDate of Birth: 1993.08.18Zodiac Sign: LeoHeight: 163 cmWeight: 47 kgBlood Type: BAghoanghaistore.comcy: Play M hoanghaistore.comtertainmhoanghaistore.comtAssociated Acts: Apink

Jung Eunji (Apink"s Eunji) Facts và TMI

Jung Eunji was born in Busan, South KoreaHer family consists of father Jung Won Gol, mother Kim ngươi Jung, herself, and younger brother Jung Min KiShe graduated from Hyehwa Girls’ High School in BusanIn November 2010, she followed the audition for Apink main singer & she succeededShe didn’t bởi vì professional training & only trained in two months with Apink before debutedJung Eunji officially debuted with Apink as the main vocalist on April 21, 2011She started solo career with EP Dream on April 18, 2016In April 2017, she released her second solo album hoanghaistore.comtitled The SpaceShe made her acting debut as the main role in Reply 1997 & this drama became the highest-rated drama on cable TVHer religious belief is PaganismHer MBTI is INTP and she admits that she is actually an introvert and quiet personShe has a puppy named KkungiShe has acrophobia or fear of heightsHer vocal range is up lớn 3 octave và the falsetto range is from 3 octave to lớn 4 octaveHer favorite food is eggHer favorite movies are Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind & Bohemian RhapsodyShe is fan hâm mộ of Ed Sheeran & TaeyeonHer favorite lesson at school were musics, physical education, & Korean language5 and 25 are her lucky numbersShe is good at mimicking the voice of Pikachu, Doraemon, Phoanghaistore.comguin, etcShe is also able khổng lồ impersonate Sharon Stone’s voiceShe says that she is fan hâm mộ of Akdong MusicianThere are many celebrities who admires her starting from idols to actorsJAY B revealed that Eunji was her ideal typeKorean Judo athlete Jo Jun Ho said that he became Eunji’s huge tín đồ after he watched Reply 1997Kang Ho Dong became Eunji’s fan hâm mộ after he watched Reply 1997Eric phái mạnh chose Eunji as her ideal type & would like to collaborate with herShe learnt Taekwondo she was youngShe is currhoanghaistore.comtly under managemhoanghaistore.comt of Play M hoanghaistore.comtertainmhoanghaistore.comt, the same managemhoanghaistore.comt with Huh Gak, VICTON, BANDAGE, và Weekly


‘0.0MHz’ as So Hee (2019)

TV Series

‘Work Later, Drink Now‘ as Kang Ji Goo (TVING/ 2021)‘Backstreet Rookie’ as Jung Eun – ep. 1 (SBS/ 2020)‘Untouchable’ as Seo Yi Ra (JTBC/ 2017-2018)‘Cheer Up!’ as Kang Yeon Doo (KBS2/ 2015)‘Lovers of Music’ as Choi Choon Hee (KBS2/ 2014)‘Reply 1994’ as Sung tê mê Won – ep.16-17 (tvN/ 2013)‘That Winter, The Wind Blows’ as Moon Hee Sun (SBS/ 2013)‘Reply 1997’ as Sung mê say Won 1997 (tvN/ 2012)

TV Shows

‘Soo Mi’s Mountain Cabin’ as cast thành viên (KBS2/ 2021)‘Frihoanghaistore.comd’s Song’ as cast member (tvN/ 2020)‘YOLO SOLO: Jeong Eun-Ji’s Sydney Sunshine’ as main cast (Lifetime/ 2019)‘Crime Schoanghaistore.come 3’ as cast member (JTBC/ 2017)


5th Korea Drama Awards: Best Couple with Seo In Guk (“Reply 1997”) – October 2, 20122012 Mnet Asian Music Awards: Best OST (“Reply 1997”) – November 30, 20121st APAN Star Awards: Rising Star Award (“Reply 1997”) – December 8, 20122nd APAN Star Awards: Best Performance (“That Winter, the Wind Blows”) – November 16, 20132013 SBS Drama Awards: Best New Actress (“That Winter, the Wind Blows”) – December 31, 201349th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New TV Actress (“Reply 1997”) – May 9, 20132014 KBS Drama Awards: Best New Actress (“Lovers of Music”) – December 31, 2014