Amidst a whirlwind of rumors about her personal life, Han Ye Seul has come forward khổng lồ directly address the growing speculation.

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On June 9, Han Ye Seul uploaded a đoạn phim on YouTube in which she personally responded khổng lồ various rumors that have been circulating online.

One of the first rumors the actress addressed was about her ex-boyfriend Teddy, with whom she broke up in năm 2016. The following year, the YG producer was swept up in dating rumors with BLACKPINK’s Jennie, which YG Entertainment denied at the time. Recently, however, the rumor of a past relationship between Teddy và Jennie resurfaced, & some began gossiping that Teddy had cheated on Han Ye Seul with Jennie, leading Han Ye Seul to slap Jennie across the face.

Han Ye Seul firmly shut down the rumor that Jennie was involved in her breakup with Teddy, remarking, “Why is it that when a man và woman break up, I don’t know why people always say things like, ‘There must have sầu been a problem,’ ‘There must have sầu been another woman,’ ‘He cheated on her,’ or ‘Someone must have done something wrong.’ Why does there need khổng lồ be this kind of reason for the breakup?”

“Regarding my breakup with Teddy,” she continued, “people brought up BLACKPINK’s Jennie. I don’t know if it’s because they’re both under YG or why they’re linking the two. I don’t know their history, và I’ve never even met Jennie in person.”

“But as for whether I was dumped because of her?” said Han Ye Seul. “That’s not true.”

Han Ye Seul went on lớn address various rumors about her current boyfriover, whom she first introduced to the public on Instagram last month.

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After clearing up that she did not gift her boyfriover with a Lamborghini, as she had been rumored to have done, the actress emphatically denied rumors that her boyfriover had previously worked in the adult entertainment industry.

“My boyfrikết thúc is not a host at a host bar,” stated the actress. “He is not a scammer or someone who has ripped off other people. He is not a sex worker.”

She went on to lớn indirectly deny the rumor that she had met her boyfrikết thúc at a host bar, commenting, “I don’t even know what it is people vị at a host bar. I’ve sầu never been lớn a host bar. So there’s nothing I can really explain about this, but at the very least, as far as I know, my boyfrikết thúc is not .”

Han Ye Seul added, “I think it’s intolerable và unforgivable that people are using these rumors, gossip, falsehoods, và malicious comments to stomp on this man’s bright future.”

Han Ye Seul also firmly shut down the speculation that she was the actress mentioned by Burning Sun whistleblower Kyên Sang Kyo. Earlier this year, Kyên Sang Kyo claimed that he had seen a famous actress drooling under the influence of drugs at the club, and some had recently begun khổng lồ theorize that Han Ye Seul had been the actress in question.

“I have gone to Burning Sun exactly once in my whole life,” said Han Ye Seul. “I didn’t even go lớn a private room. I partied in the hall, where everyone could see me. As a consequence of going there exactly one time, I have now been painted in the nation’s eyes as a druggie, an actress who was drooling all over herself, & someone who is promiscuous in her personal life. Using Burning Sun to kill Han Ye Seul. Great. I’m going lớn be suing .”

The actress went on to point out, “There were many issues related to Burning Sun, such as drugs & prostitution. But does that mean that the many people who went to lớn Burning Sun over the years are all druggies? The one time I went, it was for a Halloween buổi tiệc nhỏ.”

“I invited my friends, acquaintances, và co-workers for the Halloween tiệc ngọt,” she continued, “and I rented a table. We all dressed up in Halloween costumes and went there to have fun. And we had a really great time.”

The actress then specifically recalled that while the Burning Sun employees had offered her a private room since she was a famous celebrity, she had turned it down. “I said no,” explained Han Ye Seul. “I said, ‘Why would I tiệc ngọt in a stuffy room? I want lớn các buổi tiệc nhỏ in the hall, behind the DJ box, where I have sầu the best view of the main stage."”

“So I had a really great time with my friends in a place where everyone on the stage could see me,” Han Ye Seul went on. “And because I’m a celebrity, there were tons of bodyguards surrounding us. Would I have sầu been insane enough lớn vày drugs in a place lượt thích that? There were so many people watching us. I can prove sầu this beyond a doubt in a court of law, because there were so many witnesses—from my friends khổng lồ all of the many people who were there. In the kết thúc, one of my cthua thảm friends had her husband come and pichồng us up, and so I made it safely trang chính by car, without any issues.”

Han Ye Seul wrapped up the đoạn Clip by explaining that she had initially chosen not lớn pursue legal action because those around her advised that if she did so, she would end up drawing more attention khổng lồ the false rumors in the process, and that it would be wiser lớn just let it go. However, she stated that as the malicious comments và gossip intensified, she could no longer just sit baông chồng và watch.

“Intentionally instigating malicious commenters like this, using falsehoods và ridiculous rumors to lớn ruin a person’s life, stomp on their career, & hurt their feelings—how are these kinds of actions any different from school bullying and violence?” asked Han Ye Seul. “Stomping on và destroying a person’s life with groundless attacks & unconfirmed speculation. How is this different from attempted murder?”

“In the over, I think I will have sầu lớn resort khổng lồ filing a lawsuit,” she concluded. “Please keep an eye on how things turn out in the kết thúc , & please be patient và keep an interest in the final result. I myself am very impatient, but I realized that things don’t work out that way.”