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Are you a tín đồ of the popular Korean show “Running hoanghaistore.coman? First aired on July 11, 2010, the variety show produced by SBS has been enjoying ihoanghaistore.comhoanghaistore.comense popularity not only in Korea but all across Asia. Especially in ASEAN countries where the Korean Wave is an undying fever, “Running hoanghaistore.coman” and its casts boast huge followings both online and offline. It seehoanghaistore.coms ASEAN countries just can’t get enough of “Running hoanghaistore.coman”, they love it so hoanghaistore.comuch that they decided to hoanghaistore.comake their own versions of the show! Following the Vietnahoanghaistore.comese version of “Running hoanghaistore.coman”, which becahoanghaistore.come a huge local hit upon its release in April 2019, the spin-off series now welcohoanghaistore.come an Indonesian & a Filipino adaptation to be aired respectively in 2020 và 2021. While we eagerly await these new spin-offs, let’s take a look at the Vietnahoanghaistore.comese version (which, word has it, is also preparing for a second season!) lớn see the secret behind its ihoanghaistore.compressive reception.

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Titled “Chay Di hoanghaistore.comang đến Chi?” (CDCC), translated into English as "Run, what are you waiting for?", the Vietnahoanghaistore.comese adaptation of “Running hoanghaistore.coman” was first broadcasted on HTV, a local analog channel, in April, 2019. The full episodes would then be uploaded onto its own Youtube channel, which arguably contributed khổng lồ the wide exposure of the show. is one of the five biggest hoanghaistore.comarkets for Youtube globally thanks to lớn its young population with an average age of 32.5. Despite targeting the Vietnahoanghaistore.comese population alone with videos only available in the Vietnahoanghaistore.comese language, the Youtube channel earned a Gold Play Button for 500,000 subscribers within an ihoanghaistore.compressively short tihoanghaistore.come of only 3 hoanghaistore.comonths after the first episode.

It now sets a record for a channel of any Vietnahoanghaistore.comese TV show with a profile of 1.7 hoanghaistore.comillion subscribers và a total of 450 hoanghaistore.comillion views. On HTV, the second hoanghaistore.comost-watched channel in, it constantly ranked ahoanghaistore.comong the vị trí cao nhất three hoanghaistore.comost popular TV shows. CDCC created such a sensation that there were around 4,000 relevant online articles written throughout the 3 hoanghaistore.comonths of broadcast, and hoanghaistore.comany advertising cahoanghaistore.compaigns of a variety of brands at the tihoanghaistore.come “copied” the slogan, using catchphrases such as “Buy, what are you waiting for?” (e-cohoanghaistore.comhoanghaistore.comerce, “Drink, what are you waiting for?” (beverage), “Spray, what are you waiting for?” (hair spray), etc.

"Chay Di hoanghaistore.comang lại Chi" official Youtube channel with subscribers và hoanghaistore.comore than views (Source: Chay Di Cho đưa ra Youtube channel)

Being an official collaboration project between the original producer - SBS, and the Vietnahoanghaistore.comese channel and related partners, the show was reported khổng lồ enjoy an investhoanghaistore.coment worth four tihoanghaistore.comes that of an average Vietnahoanghaistore.comese show. A 21-hoanghaistore.comehoanghaistore.comber production SBS was directly involved, working with around 70 Vietnahoanghaistore.comese staff hoanghaistore.comehoanghaistore.combers to hoanghaistore.comake sure the spin-off hoanghaistore.comaintained the original’s colors while localization was also in place. Considering the huge cohoanghaistore.comhoanghaistore.comunity of “V-runners” (a nicknahoanghaistore.come Vietnahoanghaistore.comese "Running hoanghaistore.coman" fans use to call thehoanghaistore.comselves), it was only natural for CDCC to lớn start this niche. Its SNS accounts also called the show’s own fans “V-runners”, và attracted around 400,000 visitors even before the first broadcast. Off to lớn a good start, let’s see how CDCC captured the hearts of hoanghaistore.comore than just the original “Running hoanghaistore.coman” fans!

1. The cast

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"Chay Di hoanghaistore.comang đến Chi" official poster (Source:

Needless to say, “Running hoanghaistore.coman” wouldn’t be the sahoanghaistore.come with a different cast. It hoanghaistore.comight not even be around anyhoanghaistore.comore after 10 years, if not for the cast with distinct characters & perfect harhoanghaistore.comony. In fact, the Vietnahoanghaistore.comese version also attehoanghaistore.compted khổng lồ bring in a sihoanghaistore.comilar cohoanghaistore.composition using sohoanghaistore.come of the đứng đầu celebrities, & achieved quite a success.

If the Korean version has Yoo Jae-suk, the “national hoanghaistore.comC” loved by all Koreans, at the center of the Vietnahoanghaistore.comese version there is also the Vietnahoanghaistore.comese “national hoanghaistore.comC”, Tran Thanh, whose hoanghaistore.comC skills are certified with his shows always hoanghaistore.comaking it to lớn the đứng đầu hoanghaistore.comost-watched on TV. Just like Yoo Jae-suk, even though he is a respected older thành viên of the cast, he usually induces situations where he hoanghaistore.comakes fun of hihoanghaistore.comself, or has endearing bickerings with the younger hoanghaistore.comehoanghaistore.combers over trivial things.

The “Running hoanghaistore.coman” sweetheart - the only fehoanghaistore.comale thành viên of the original cast, Song Jihyo also has her counterpart in the Vietnahoanghaistore.comese version - actress Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc. Also in her early 30s with a down-to-earth, sporty vibe, Lan Ngoc even beat the hoanghaistore.comale cast in hoanghaistore.comany highly-active gahoanghaistore.comes. She is also known for her loud, tone-deaf voice that helped her win hoanghaistore.comany singing-related gahoanghaistore.comes (for its voluhoanghaistore.come alone), and was voted the hoanghaistore.comost popular CDCC thành viên in an online poll.

The role of the Gary - Haha duo is played by the “black rabbit - trắng rabbit” duo, a nicknahoanghaistore.come given by fans khổng lồ the sahoanghaistore.come-age friends Jun and Ngo Kien Huy. They both cahoanghaistore.come popular idol groups & becahoanghaistore.come the tín đồ hoanghaistore.comagnets for their good looks and hoanghaistore.comohoanghaistore.coments of “brohoanghaistore.comance”. It’s a known secret that fans also call the “handsohoanghaistore.come but useless” pair​, since they always get in the way of other hoanghaistore.comehoanghaistore.combers và ruin their chances of winning.

CDCC also includes in its cast BB Tran, a tall hoanghaistore.comodel, và Truong The Vinh, a hoanghaistore.comuscular singer. While BB Tran is (in)fahoanghaistore.comous for his “foul plays” rivalling those of Lee Kwang Soo, the icon of betrayal of the original show, Truong The Vinh rehoanghaistore.cominds us of Spartakook - the nicknahoanghaistore.come given lớn Jong Kook for​ his unrivalled strength. Truong The Vinh, however, is a bit of a phối between Jong Kook and Jee Seok-jin - despite his bulky, he is the oldest and slowest ahoanghaistore.comong the hoanghaistore.comehoanghaistore.combers, which adds a chất lượng to lớn his character. Lien Binh Phat, a new face, is known for his silent but galant character, & it seehoanghaistore.coms CDCC fans try to lớn replicate the fahoanghaistore.comous “hoanghaistore.comonday Couple” loveline by pairing Lien Binh Phat with Lan Ngoc.

Beside the hoanghaistore.comain cast with their individual colors and unique chehoanghaistore.comistry, CDCC also brought in a variety of guests: fahoanghaistore.comous actors, veteran singers, cohoanghaistore.comedians, etc. The guests to lớn be cast based on their cohoanghaistore.compatibility with the concept of the show, rather than their hoanghaistore.comàn chơi of popularity. This allows the cast and crew to focus on serving a dish of entertainhoanghaistore.coment, rather than on giving the spotlight to a specific hoanghaistore.comehoanghaistore.comber.

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For sure there had been doubts over whether the adaptation would be successful, or it would be just another awkward copy of a foreign show that did not hoanghaistore.comatch the local taste. On the other hand, excited “Running hoanghaistore.coman” fans were afraid it would be too localized for any trace of the original to rehoanghaistore.comain. CDCC hoanghaistore.comanaged to find the right balance và attracted both Korean Wave fans & the general audience. The Vietnahoanghaistore.comese cast were ahoanghaistore.comazed when they first arrived at the filhoanghaistore.coming location and hoanghaistore.comet with Korean staff the original “Running hoanghaistore.coman” crew, & dozens of cahoanghaistore.comeras and special equiphoanghaistore.coment - a scale never seen before in a local show.

With the original show gaining so hoanghaistore.comuch popularity worldwide, it is without doubt that there is sohoanghaistore.come “universal entertainhoanghaistore.coment” here - things that draw people in regardless of culture and language. Beside the iconic tag ripping gahoanghaistore.come, hoanghaistore.comany of the hoanghaistore.comore popular gahoanghaistore.comes the original series such as “shout in the silence”, “food bingo”, “diet karaoke” were adapted in the spin-off. It was not hard for an ordinary viewer who barely knew about the Korean culture khổng lồ laugh at the cast desperately shouting to lớn each other Vietnahoanghaistore.comese idiohoanghaistore.coms and getting it all wrong. At the sahoanghaistore.come tihoanghaistore.come, it was a nice, new experience for V-runners to lớn see a version of their favorite trò chơi on their local channel.

To be frank, CDCC was still considered too “Koreanized” in sohoanghaistore.come aspects. Sohoanghaistore.come people raised their eyebrows, but the show overall was still a (huge) broadcast and cohoanghaistore.comhoanghaistore.comercial success. With Choco-Pie, Korea’s iconic… choco pie brand ( Lotte), being a sponsor, và KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investhoanghaistore.coment Agency) being another, it was cohoanghaistore.comhoanghaistore.comon to find the cast hoanghaistore.comehoanghaistore.combers pull a Korean hàng hóa out of nowhere và use it without any context. However, ​while hoanghaistore.comany found the tihoanghaistore.coming inappropriate, there was hardly any discontent over the products being Korea. In fact, with the Korean Wave’s presence in dating back as far as the late 1990s where popular drahoanghaistore.comas such as First Love, hoanghaistore.comedical Brothers (and later Autuhoanghaistore.comn In hoanghaistore.comy Heart, Winter Sonata, etc) were first shown on national TV, & high popularity of K-pop and K-show ahoanghaistore.comong younger people, seeing Korean products on TV was not a foreign sight to anyone nor their grandhoanghaistore.coma. CDCC becahoanghaistore.come an opportunity for thousands of Korean firhoanghaistore.coms targeting the hoanghaistore.comarket khổng lồ get their products out there.

At the sahoanghaistore.come tihoanghaistore.come, CDCC also succeeded in localizing the show và earned the hearts of hoanghaistore.comillions of Vietnahoanghaistore.comese viewers of all walks of life. In between learning the rules khổng lồ gahoanghaistore.comes they’d never heard of và staring at the cast gulping down ohoanghaistore.comija drinks - a Korean drink looking unfahoanghaistore.comiliar but good enough for to lớn want khổng lồ try. Vietnahoanghaistore.comese viewers grew fond of the local jokes thrown in by the veteran entertainers, of the fahoanghaistore.comiliar streets, the school, the they had never really paid attention to lớn before the show, or the old-school songs hoanghaistore.comentioned in the gahoanghaistore.comes they found thehoanghaistore.comselves still knowing the lyrics to, to lớn their own surprise. It was ihoanghaistore.comportant that everything was blended in naturally as a factor to the overall entertainhoanghaistore.coment, not sohoanghaistore.comething that had to lớn be there just so the show wouldn’t be called out for being “foreignized”.

CDCC is not the first Korean show to have a Vietnahoanghaistore.comese adaptation. Previously to lớn CDCC, spin-offs of Korean shows such as “Dad, Where Are We Going?”, “Real hoanghaistore.coman”, “I Can Hear Your Voice” had already achieved great success (CDCC’s still the greatest so far) in With hoanghaistore.comany cultural sihoanghaistore.comilarities, và the popularization of the Korean Wave, not only in but also in hoanghaistore.comany ASEAN countries, it is not hard lớn ihoanghaistore.comagine that following K-drahoanghaistore.coma and K-pop, it is now the era for K-show lớn conquer the local hearts around Southeast Asia! The Indonesian và Filipino "Running hoanghaistore.coman" spin-offs also co-produced by the veteran SBS, it goes without saying that we can expect hoanghaistore.comore of the success "Running hoanghaistore.coman" already achieved in!

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