How Many Millimeters In 7/8 Inch?

To convert 7/8 inch lớn mm, divide 7 by 8 to convert the fraction lớn a decimal. Then, multiply that by 25.4 since there are 25.4 millimeters in one inch.

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That"s the formula that our calculator uses lớn find that 7/8 inch to millimeters is 22.225 mm.

Convert a measurement from SAE to lớn metric or metric to lớn standard SAE using the calculator below. Learn more about SAE và metric measurements and refer khổng lồ the conversion chart below.

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How to lớn Convert SAE lớn Metric

SAE, or standard, and metric sockets, wrenches, và fasteners are both commonly used, and the difference between them is significant. Before we cover how to convert SAE to metric, it’s important lớn understand what these terms actually mean.

SAE stands for Society of Automotive Engineers,<1> và is based on standard imperial and U.S. Customary measurements. It’s based on measurements in inch fractions và is most commonly used in the United States.

Metric sizes are used worldwide, & sockets & screws are primarily measured in millimeters.

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You can use the chart below lớn convert an SAE size to metric, but you can also bởi vì the conversion by hand in a few easy steps.

Step One: Convert the Fraction to lớn Decimal

The first step is khổng lồ convert the inch fraction khổng lồ a decimal. You can do this by treating the fraction as a division problem and solving.

For instance:1/4″ = 1 ÷ 4 = 0.25″

Step Two: Convert lớn Millimeters

The next step is to lớn multiply the inch decimal by 25.4 khổng lồ convert it lớn millimeters. This is the key step for converting SAE lớn metric.

0.25″ × 25.4 = 6.35 mm

SAE lớn Metric Conversion Chart

The chart below shows SAE và equivalent metric và inch decimal measurements for common socket, wrench, and screw sizes.

SAE to lớn metric conversion chart showing equivalent standard & metric measurements
Standard (SAE)Metric (mm)Inches (decimal)
1/32″0.7938 mm0.0313″
1 mm0.0394″
1/16″1.5875 mm0.0625″
5/64″1.98438 mm0.0781″
2 mm0.0787″
3/32″2.3813 mm0.0938″
7/64″2.7781 mm0.1094″
3 mm0.1181″
1/8″3.175 mm0.125″
5/32″3.9688 mm0.156″
4 mm0.157″
4.5 mm0.177″
3/16″4.7625 mm0.188″
5 mm0.197″
5.5 mm0.216″
7/32″5.5563 mm0.219″
6 mm0.236″
1/4″6.35 mm0.25″
6.5 mm0.256″
7 mm0.276″
9/32″7.1438 mm0.281″
5/16″7.9375 mm0.313″
8 mm0.315″
11/32″8.7313 mm0.344″
9 mm0.354″
3/8″9.525 mm0.375″
10 mm0.394″
13/32″10.3188 mm0.406″
11 mm0.433″
7/16″11.1125 mm0.438″
15/32″11.9063 mm0.469″
12 mm0.472″
1/2″12.7 mm0.5″
13 mm0.512″
17/32″13.4938 mm0.531″
14 mm0.551″
9/16″14.2875 mm0.563″
15 mm0.591″
19/32″15.0813 mm0.594″
5/8″15.875 mm0.625″
16 mm0.63″
21/32″16.6688 mm0.656″
17 mm0.669″
11/16″17.4625 mm0.688″
18 mm0.709″
23/32″18.2563 mm0.719″
19 mm0.748″
3/4″19.05 mm0.75″
25/32″19.8438 mm0.781″
20 mm0.787″
13/16″20.6375 mm0.813″
21 mm0.827″
27/32″21.4313 mm0.844″
22 mm0.866″
7/8″22.225 mm0.875″
23 mm0.906″
29/32″23.0188 mm0.906″
15/16″23.8125 mm0.938″
24 mm0.945″
1″24.5 mm1″

More Standard to lớn Metric Conversions

You can use our inches khổng lồ mm conversion calculator lớn convert SAE measurements khổng lồ metric or convert these common sizes.